Meet Australia’s Two New Target Consumer Groups Ready To Invest In Domestic Tourism

With Australia’s international border closure extended until late next year, there’s never been a more critical time for tourism businesses to reimagine their marketing strategies to appeal to high-value domestic travellers. 

But who are these high-value travellers now as we emerge from a once-in-100-year event?

At Urban Insights, we’ve been tackling questions like these over the past few months with the goal to help those responsible for getting Australians back out there—the marketers, strategists, operators, business owners and industry leaders across the tourism industry.

As part of our Urban Insights research, Nature and The Lab conducted a rolling, nationally representative study that took the pulse of more than 8,000 Australians from the very start of the COVID outbreak, right through to today. Having measured these behaviour and attitude shifts weekly for more than 9 months, the teams were able to identify two fresh target consumer groups ready to invest and embrace in Australian tourism experiences: opportunists and simplifiers. 


Here’s a quick look at why these two new breeds of high-value travellers are more likely to embrace and invest in domestic tourism experiences.

They’re Optimistic

Our two new breeds of high-value travellers see the pandemic as an opportunity to reset and reevaluate. They’re optimistically future-focused.

They’re More Adaptable

Our high-value travellers are more likely to approach things from a problem-solving perspective and won’t let the pandemic hinder their opportunity for a normal life.

They’re Ready For New Opportunities

Both of these two target consumer groups are ready to invest in new opportunities—what they want out of life is different than what it was before.


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